Ecuador; the beginning.

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It’s been a couple of months since I last posted on here. I’ve been consumed with work, adventures, and more work. I won’t go into many details of what has happened, but it’s been a roller coaster. Next Sunday, I leave NYC for two months. I’m heading down to Ecuador to deal with farm issues and go…

Assholes at a tailgate part II #nyc #hoboken #tailgate #bestlifeever

How I feel right now…

It’s funny how America can fight a war in another country without the American people really feeling the pain of it, unlike the innocent bystanders in the Iraq could feel it.

Also how we can say America as the U.S. owns this continent? Canada does exist and also, there’s South America. 

Yes, we are insulting the canadians and the latinos. Also, how is it socially accepted a place like Alaska, which isn’t attached to the majority the U.S. states—and like Hawaii—and yet call it our own? The United States of America killed the Hawaiian Monarchy! 

 Oh yeah! They actually did have a Monarchy. 

It’s funny how U.S. History high school class barely covers that. 

Fast food is like hot hate sex — enjoy it for what it is, never speak of it in public.

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Sometimes, I’m scared that it doesn’t matter how often I push you out of my mind, that you’ll still have the power to haunt over my thoughts for an unknown time. I often wonder why it feels like I’m ripping parts of my own flesh when I try to forget you, forget us.

I remind myself constantly,…

When someone asks “You gonna eat that?”


Looking at my texts the morning after a rough night out